He hit me, ok

Yeah daddy hit me.
Not really something u expect and when it happens u start to doubt urself. You wonder if this is really happening. And You wonder what it is you did to get that person who is supposed to love u to punch you, and beat you, and put his hands around ur neck and squeeze. U think “I must be such a terrible son” for my dad to do that to me. I deserve it. I’m worthless. I’m evil. It’s my fault.
Cause when daddy hits you, when he REALLY let’s you have it. It leaves scars that don’t leave. They don’t let you sleep, they come out in dreams. Sudden moments that other kids have with their parents are now scary. It just keeps hurting.

a cute smile and a relaxed personality. thats all i want in a girl, why is it so hard to find? i just want a girl i can tell “lets go on a road trip” and she’ll just go with me without having to make plans. live in the moment

Me: I'd like to sleep now.

Brain: nah ur gonna stay up all night

: /

[breaks down your door at 3 in the morning] do you wanna build a snowman?

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